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Whispers In Autumn: Book 1 of The Last Year series

Whispers in Autumn - Trisha Leigh I really enjoyed this one. 4-4.5 stars and I have hunted down the next two so I can hunker down and finish this series out.The story jumps right into Althea's life and she has jumped seasons...at first she is a bit out of it but that seems to be normal. She finds she is back in her Autumn life and everything appears to be as it usually is. I found the premise of this book to be pretty interesting and different. There is a dystopian feel to it in that this alien society has basically taken over Earth and determines what happens to the people in the town. Both Althea and Lucas struggle with who they are and how their futures will be impacted by another season jump. I'm not going to go into a ton here because I am dying to read the next book and see where things go. Just trust me when I say this is definitely a good read and anyone who enjoys a good ya/alien/dystopian story should like this one too.