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Indelible - Dawn Metcalf Indelible was an interesting read that has a unique story. I have mixed feelings on this one mostly because I felt like it took forever to get to the actual plot of the story. It’s there but fair warning, there is a lot of other stuff that takes the focus off of the fact that someone in the Twixt is breaking the rules and trying to get to Ink via Joy.is centered on Joy Malone who, while out with her friend, runs into Ink and Inq (Indelible and Invisible). Neither of them are what they seem. Joy is the only person who appears to be able to see them and the first time they meet isn’t positive. Ink actually cuts her eye with something and with that act, everything changes. Joy starts to see flashes of light and weird creatures are attacking her and asking her to pass on messages. Joy eventually learns that when Ink attacked her, he ended up mistakenly marking Joy. She has been touched by a Scribe and is now marked as belonging to Ink, otherwise known as his Lehman. Because of this, Joy is pulled into a world that includes weird beings, magic, and the Folk. Inq and Ink are Scribes and they are “hired” to mark people. Because of the work they do, a mistake could put his work in question and his life in danger. Instead, they decide it would be better to pretend that Ink meant to mark Joy and have her go along on some of their assignments. After a while, they expect that they novelty will wear off and people will stop looking for her to be with them. Throughout the story we learn more and more about the world that Ink and Inq come from. They essentially take orders from the Bailiwick and Ink’s marks are meant to be seen while Inq’s are meant to be invisible. They were made/created, not born and their images are a result of things they have seen in humans throughout their existence as they are not human.Eventually a romance blossoms between Ink and Joy. They learn from each other and find themselves becoming more to each other than they originally expected. A lot of the story is spent with these characters learning more about each other as well as Joy learning more about this other world. She definitely has a tough time and seems to continually be faced with problems as a result of her relationship with Ink. I have mixed feelings about Joy. She is a typical teenager who has typical teenage problems and issues…until her run in with Ink which then throws some not so normal issues into the mix. Throughout the novel she displays some toughness which I appreciate but I found myself not fully invested in her. I enjoyed seeing the relationship develop between Joy and Ink but also the change in Ink as he began to study and learn from Joy. He had kept himself separate from humans up to now and by becoming closer to Joy, he definitely changes and begins to develop some human attributes. Overall, this was a good book and had a slightly different twist on the Folk and otherworldly characters. If you are looking for a quick read that has some action and some romance, you might enjoy this one. Although this is a series, it felt like a standalone and it will be interesting to see where Metcalf takes the rest of the story.