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Untamed City: Carnival of Secrets - Melissa Marr Umm...this better be a series...just saying.I really enjoyed this story but there really was a lot going on. The story is told from different perspectives of a number of the characters. The transition from one pov to another was done well and allowed me to see how each of these character's lives intersected or were on their way to doing so.Mallory was raised by a witch and hasn't been told that she is a daimon. Witches and daimons don't get along and it turns out that Mallory's birth father is actually the leader/lord of the daimon's. Along with this story, there is also a tournament going on in The City that allows daimons to fight (sometimes to the death) for a place of power within The City. I had a love/hate relationship with a number of the characters. The relationship between Kaleb and Zevi was probably my favorite. Kaleb is super protective of Zevi as all they really have is each other. Once Mallory enters the picture, he recognizes her as pack and his protectiveness and pack mentality begins to include her. I'm not going to lie...and you can probably tell from my updates, I was a bit upset with Aya at the beginning of the book but she slowly won me over. Overall this was a nice story. The world (The City) created by Marr and everything that was included in that - The Carnival, the castes and the different types of daimons and witches made it truly interesting and if you can't tell, I am sincerely hoping for another book to continue where this one left off.