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Prodigy (Legend Series #2)

Prodigy - Marie Lu I'm not kidding when I say I have no words...at least none right this second. Review to follow shortly.Ok - I had to think about this for a day. Honestly I couldn't put this book down and thankfully I had a hard copy and wasn't cursing the flight attendant for making me turn it off with only a 1/4 of the book left!We pick up where things left off - June and Day are on their way to find the rebels. When they find them, they make a deal with them to assist in their plans against the Republic in return for helping Day find his brother and fix his leg. As noted in the summary, the help the rebels want is for Day and June to assist in the assassination plot of the new Elector - Anden. There is a lot going on -- I will not rehash it...sorry - you need to read all about it.There are a few new characters introduced in this book but the rest are returning. Thomas is back in the beginning. Kaede, Tess, Day and June are woven throughout the book. Anden is one who has a pivotal role based on who he is and he will continue to play one. I will not give away anything that happens in this book - just go read it. Things absolutely move forward in this book and a lot of things are uncovered. I still can't shake the feeling that June should be an older character - maybe I am biased based on my impressions of what a 15 year old should act like. She has seen and done a lot in her short time but she seems much older than her years. The interaction between June and Day was so varied - there were times where I felt like they had a chance and other times where I thought that no matter what, they are just too different and they are going to end up on very different paths. With the introduction of Anden and some other things that come up, it is very clear that it won't be easy. I was torn on how I felt about Tess in this book - I know she only had Day's best interests in mind but there were times where her actions seemed more about trying to get him to see June as a threat/danger vs. seeing her differently. Overall a great second installment. I definitely wish I could have had more...the ending made me wish I had the next book in my hands right now. I obviously will have to wait for it but am willing to make a deal with anyone that has (or will have one early) a copy....seriously.