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Enclave (Razorland Series #1)

Enclave (Razorland Series #1) - I enjoyed this one. The characters are believable and it is a quick read. 3-3.5 stars.The book begins with Girl15's naming ceremony where we find out she will be called Deuce and she is assigned the role of Huntress. The Enclave is run by a select few and each member of the enclave falls into the role of hunter, breeder or builder. Deuce has always wanted to be a huntress and finds herself paired with Fade who is viewed by everyone as an outsider because he did not grow up in the enclave.I loved Deuce - she is tough and yet, at times seemed very young. Her role as huntress is to bring back food but also kill the freaks (I think these are a faster and somewhat more lethal version of a zombie). She completely kicks ass and eventually stands up for more than just herself which is what gets her into trouble.Fade is an interesting character - he doesn't have a lot of friends below because of his background. Though the book mostly focuses on Deuce and her relationships with those around her, we get a glimpse of Fade's relationship with Banner. He begins to trust Deuce and stands up for her which is the catalyst to him (and Deuce) getting exiled and going Topside.Seeing the relationship between Fade and Deuce develop was great - they do trust each other and care about each other but I don't think they know to what extent yet...at least not in Deuce's mind. I don't think she has ever really thought about a relationship or being in love as it wasn't ever something she was planning on due to her role in the enclave.I really liked this story but wish I would have gotten more background around how the world ended up they way it did. There were small mentions about things that happened in the past but I am hoping the next book gives a bit more detail. There is a lot of action which moves the book along quickly. Aguirre does a great job of sharing the experience Deuce has of being in Topside for the first time - from seeing the sunlight to expressing the differences between how she looks compared to others they meet/see. Looking forward to diving into the second book right away to see what happens at Salvation.