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Outpost (Razorland Series #2)

Outpost - Ann Aguirre 4 - 4.5 stars for Outpost. This one picks up where the last book left off. The group (Deuce, Fade, Stalker, and Tegan) has made it to Salvation and they are trying to assimilate to the way things are with their foster families as well as the town. They each have their own issues with adapting and the first 25% of the book is about this. Deuce struggles with the fact that Fade has withdrawn from her and she leans on Stalker more. Tegan just wants to forget all of the things that happened while making the trek north. All of the misconceptions between Fade and Deuce about their feelings for each other could definitely have been resolved if they would have discussed it. Fade felt like she chose Stalker but couldn't let her go and Deuce felt like he didn't care anymore which pushed her to turn back to Stalker so that she could feel like things were back to normal (or at least what she was used to in the enclave). I sometimes found myself forgetting that these were teenagers because of everything they had been through and done...It was something that really came out for me when Deuce had her 16th birthday party.The relationships are a key part to the book but the other important part of the book is the fact that the freaks/muties are evolving and it is affecting the way the people of Salvation live. The decision is made to create the outpost to protect the planters and the fields and Deuce leads the charge with Longshot. Of course, Fade and Stalker are right there in the mix of things. I loved that this book gave a bit more of the history of Salvation and the evolution of the way things became. It was interesting to see the changes in the freaks and how they were evolving as well. The characters continued to grow and it is seen the most in Deuce. I was glad to see that as the book progressed, Deuce had a harder time separating the girl from the huntress - they were becoming the same person and she was identifying more with the girl as opposed to the huntress. A lot happens in the last 1/3 of the book and I am very curious to see what happens next. The ending left things open and I look forward to reading the next book. Although there are still questions about what will happen to Salvation, I was glad to see that Fade came through and still wanted to be there for Deuce on her new path.