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False Memory

False Memory - Dan Krokos This was an interesting story and I was sucked into this from the first page. Miranda wakes up on a bench in a mall and isn't really sure who she is or what is going on. This had shades of The Bourne books/movies in it in my opinion. Miranda eventually comes across Peter who is like her...She finds out they have an ability to create fear in others and by the way, they are also pretty good fighters as they have been training since they were young. Surprisingly, Miranda goes with Peter to the compound they grew up in and along the way finds out she grew up with 2 other people like them (Noah and Olive) and for some reason Noah betrayed her by taking away her memories. There is a whole lot more going on and I won't rehash it in a review as I can't really do it justice. The action is almost non-stop in this book as the characters are almost constantly running, fighting, or planning a way to stop the dry run. I would have liked to understand more about the beginnings of the group and why things evolved the way they did. Also, although we get a glimpse into Rhys' life and beginning, I didn't feel like it was enough. The characters are given enough depth to generate an interest in them and the flashbacks Miranda has while getting her memory back help to provide a backstory. It was great to see a little bit of the relationship between Noah and Miranda but also the interaction between Peter and Miranda. Just when you think the love triangle is going to rear it's head....there is a twist. That is all I will say.I will definitely continue this series and look forward to the next installment.