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Yesterday - C.K. Kelly Martin I had high hopes for this one but the beginning had me skimming a whole lot. It did pick up for me in the end and I might push this to 2.5 stars based on the shift. Freya is the main character and the prologue opens with her struggling through something that involves her father, mother, and brother, Latham. Chapter one begins with her starting at a new school in a new country and it is 1985. The entire beginning of the book revolves around how Freya doesn't feel like she fits in both with her family and who she is. After crossing Garren by chance, she starts to have more flashbacks to pieces of a life she doesn't remember. Eventually, Freya takes a chance and approaches Garren. They eventually decide to try to work together to figure out what is going on. Freya is an interesting character. She definitely isn't one to just sit back and let everyone else decide things. Although at times I found her a bit annoying - I think it was just more because I found the first half of the book frustrating due to the lack of things happening. She was very strong and determined throughout the entire book.Garren grew on me. At first I didn't really get the draw and through the flashbacks I understood a bit of the draw for Freya but even with that piece of the puzzle, there was little explanation as to why Freya was interested in him. I was happy to read the background of the world in 2063 and how they came to be in 1985 and then the twist at the end was solid. The future world that was created was interesting as well. Overall this book was just ok for me, partially because the beginning dragged but once the action starts toward the end, it is pretty much non-stop which helped move the book along.