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The Gathering Dark

The Gathering Dark - Christine   Johnson This one sounded promising to me...about 60 pages in I had an idea that it wasn't going to be a favorite.The story itself was good - there is a girl who doesn't know that she is half darkling, half human and then the back story of the Experimentals and this other realm...all sounded great. Unfortunately I hated the main character. In order for me to really enjoy a book I have to love them and these just didn't do it for me. First, Keira was annoying. I get it, you love music and you're "gorgeous" but for real, there wasn't really anything that made me say she would be someone I would want to be friends with. Susan, who is supposed to be Keira's best friend, isn't that great either. She seemed a bit self-absorbed...maybe that is why they were friends?? Perhaps the only redeeming piece to this story is Walker and that is only because I love swoony boys and he is definitely that. He says all the right things and treats Keira like she is the best thing he has ever come across...even though she was (in my opinion) not always deserving of it. He definitely has a story and to be honest was probably the only thing that kept me reading as I wanted to find out what it really was. Overall this one was only ok for me.