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The Forest of Hands and Teeth

The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan I really enjoyed this one and for real, couldn't put it down. As usual, when I get into a great story, I want to read all the words as quickly as I can and that was definitely the case with this one.At first the characters drove me nuts but it all came together. I will admit, their flaws are what really turned me off at first and then as the book progressed, that is what actually made me enjoy the story. I won't give away anything of the story here but I am still very curious as to what happened that triggered the Return...nothing is given up to the reader regarding the back story and who knows if it ever will be. Also, I wanted to understand more about the Sisterhood as well as what the heck happened with Gabriela. I need to know what the secrets are.I have read a few reviews stating that the next book isn't about Mary - I hope we still get some information on what happened between the end of book 1 and the beginning of book 2 but don't know if it will happen. I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a good story, zombies and quite a bit of action.