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Dare You To - Katie McGarry Another great book from McGarry - 4 stars.When I first saw there was going to be another book my first reaction was great..this is awesome news. Then I read it was going to be about Beth. I have to say - she wasn't one of my favorite characters in the first book but Dare You To changed my mind.McGarry creates real characters that really make the story. I have said it before - I need to be invested and care about the characters otherwise the story doesn't necessarily do anything for me. Beth is closed off and angry and to be perfectly honest, she has every right to be based on her life so far. There were times in this book where I felt so sad for the things she has had to live with but Noah and Isaiah are her family. Ryan...he is definitely not perfect but appears to be pretty darn close. He is definitely cocky ("I don't lose") but it isn't in a way that makes you hate him. His family life is interesting - although his parents put up a good front for the public, they have their issues and Beth coming to Groveton is making Ryan reconsider everything he ever thought he wanted.The adults in this book were frustrating...I really just wanted to shake Ryan's parents and Beth's mom was ridiculous. Scott was great - I get where he was coming from and his reasons for going away. Little did he know what was going to happen and it is clear that as he learns more, he is sorry but also recognizes that he never would have been able to help Beth had stayed. Most likely, he would have turned out like his father and brother and that was the thing he was trying to avoid. Another great read and I'm looking forward to reading Isaiah's story. He deserves something good and I will absolutely pick up book 3 when it comes out.