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Ruby Red - I really like this one. I would rate it a 4.5 out of 5 stars if I could. The story is about Gwyneth Shepherd, the de Villiers family and their ability to time travel. Gwyneth grew up thinking her cousin was the one fated to be the time traveler of her generation but despite her mother trying her best to keep Gwyneth away from that life, she ended up being the one with the gene. On top of all of that, she also sees and can talk to ghosts.I love the characters in this story. Gwyneth has a personality and the parts with her interacting with Lesley and Gideon were my favorite. In addition to Lesley and Gideon, I also liked Dr. White, Mr. George, Robert, and James - they all added to the story.I will say I felt like this book flew by and I didn't get enough. There is a definite mystery here of who's good and who isn't. From Paul and Lucy to the Count and the Guardians...it was definitely hard to figure anything out. The prologue and epilogue that focus on Paul and Lucy have me wondering something but I will hold out until I read the next book...which I am hoping is soon. If you aren't a fan of series books that don't have a conclusion - hold off until you can read them all as this one drops off right in the middle of the story...both the larger time travel piece as well as the first kiss. I will definitely continue with this series.