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Dualed - Where to start with this one. I really liked this book and it grabbed me from the very beginning. The premise is an interesting one, everyone is born with an alt and at anytime between the ages 10-20, they can be activated. This means each has 31 days to hunt down and kill the other. If both are still alive after the 31 days, they are both destroyed. The theory is that the strong ones will survive to protect everyone if ever needed. Ok - this is bad enough but they never know when the activation will happen.West is a tough character. I won't lie - she made me angry at times but she is definitely tough. She just seemed to forget who she was for a little while. In all of her efforts to distance herself from Chord, she stopped believing that she was the one who should complete. It didn't help that something happens to throw her off kilter but eventually she does get it together and realizes that if she wants to be with Chord, she needs to be the one to survive. I appreciated that she was able to do it mostly on her own though. Yes, she did take the things Chord would leave for her (money and cell) but she didn't need to rely on them to survive. She was resourceful and (usually) pretty smart. Chord...the glimpses we see of him is as someone who has always wanted to support and protect West. It was more than the promise he made to Luc that prompted him to continue to watch over and help out West while she was activated. It took her a little while to figure it out (I don't think she really believed he loved her until he actually said it...if she even hoped, she would always credit what he was doing to the promise made to Luc) but she did. This book starts with the action immediately and doesn't really ever stop. There is also a lot of emotion in this book - anger, sadness, love, relief. If you like dystopian books, go read this the first chance you get. It was a book I couldn't put down and I am looking forward to the next one as I am curious to see where Chapman takes it.