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Breaking Point - 5 stars. Is the next book out yet?? Seriously...So thankfully my sister has the good luck necessary to win contests and as soon as she got this in the mail I was pestering her about when she thought she would be done. Thankfully she is a fast reader...Breaking Point opens up with Chase and Ember back with the Resistance and I have to say, I was quickly caught back up in their story. For me Ember was a challenging character in book 1 and I worried about her even though she redeemed herself by the end of that book - mostly because of the way she came through for Chase. Although she annoyed me a bit at the beginning, she came into her own in this book. She pushed herself to get past the wrongs that were done to her and her mother and do what she believed she needed to do...no matter how dangerous (or at times not too smart). Chase was perfect. I could feel his struggle with the contrast of who he wants to be and who he feels his is because of what the MM put him through. I won't ruin anything but you will definitely understand what I mean when you read the scene in Chicago. He definitely has a quiet strength about him and truly wants to do whatever is in his power to protect Ember. I loved seeing the relationship between Chase and Ember evolve. I enjoyed them as characters separately but together they finally get to a place where it isn't just about what happened in the past but also what the future holds for them. The secondary characters are great as well. Sean continues to be one of my favorites. Tucker...I have no words for him. I still don't know what his deal is and am really curious to see what book 3 brings for him. So, if you can't tell...I really enjoyed this book. It has a lot of action, wonderful characters, and a romance that adds a layer to the rest of the story....see that, adds a layer and does not becomes the focal point. Book 3 can't come out soon enough in my opinion. Trust me when I say that if you have not started this series yet, you should get started...for real.