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Blood-Kissed Sky: A Darkness Before Dawn Novel

Blood-Kissed Sky - J.A. London A solid book 2 for this series - 3.5 stars and I'm feeling generous so I am rounding up. I enjoy this series. There are definitely some things that drive me crazy about these characters but overall it kept me turning the pages to see what happens next and in my opinion, that is a good sign.We are back with Dawn shortly after book 1 wrapped up. Victor is now the overlord for the Valentines, Sin is nowhere to be found, and Dawn is facing the blow back from the failed teen blood initiative. On top of that, Tegan is healing from her run in with Sin, Michael is not happy about Dawn telling him about her feelings for Valentine, and Victor doesn't want Dawn as his delegate any longer. Trust me when I say, a lot is going on.When Clive asks Dawn to travel to Los Angeles to dig into Sin's background and see if she can find out anything about the Thirst, she jumps at it. I like the strength that Dawn has but at times the interactions she had with Victor felt a bit out of character. I do like these two together but wish it would have been more outside of the dreams. The big reveal at the end of this book was not a surprise to me...it felt like that is where the story was going. I am curious to see how it impacts the relationships Dawn has with everyone and whether she decides to tell everyone. Solid story and characters and I will continue with the next book when it comes out.