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Unravel Me - This book… I have been waiting to get my hands on this book and when I miraculously got a copy, it seriously made my weekend. The writing is lovely and I may just have to re-read the other books to get more of Adam and Warner cause seriously….I am torn cause I think I love them both.We pick back up with Juliette and Adam now at Omega Point with Castle, Kenji and the other people that have gifts. Juliette seemed to be cutting herself off from everyone but Adam and I appreciated Castle and then Kenji calling her out on it. I jumped into this after reading Destroy Me where I was able to read the excerpts from Juliette’s journal. Because of that, I think I was less annoyed by the pity party than I normally would have been. There was a genuine fear that it would all disappear or be taken away.I kept thinking I just wanted people to talk to each other. There are so many secrets and the first one to be revealed is related to Adam. Adam doesn’t tell Juliette what his ability is and what is going on in the research area and when she finds out, she loses it and almost destroys the entire facility. Oh - and Adam’s ability is that he is able to disable things…including people’s abilities. This is why he can touch Juliette but as he lowers his guard with her, it is harder for him to protect himself from her touch. Juliette eventually breaks up with Adam because she doesn’t want to hurt him. Despite this, they still have to work together and it is still clear they love each other so it is a pretty tough situation for both of them.Fast forward to Juliette, Adam and Kenji going on a mission to save some Point people the Supreme Commander has taken hostage. Juliette confronts Anderson on her own and ultimately reveals her power and strength to him. Eventually, Adam and Kenji join Juliette in the house and a HUGE secret is revealed but not to everyone. Warner….what to say. Again, I just finished Destroy Me and wow was that a window into who he is and how he came to be who he is. I loved that he was a bit OCD. Warner is definitely not an angel…he has never cared about anything but I truly believe he loves Juliette. As he is taken into Omega Point and Juliette is responsible for his interrogation, so much more is revealed about him. I think Kenji was one of my favorite characters...he was honest and called Juliette out on her crap. He also was one of those characters that everyone seems to get along with. He annoyed Adam only because Adam was more frustrated with the situation. So much happens in this book – I won’t give any more away but I will say I am excited to see where Mafi takes this story and the characters. Not just because of the decisions that Juliette needs to make but the fact that she can and will have a huge impact on what happens with The Reestablishment. There are still a lot of secrets that have yet to be revealed and I am excited to see how it all plays out.