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Beyond Pain (Beyond, Book Three)

Beyond Pain - Kit Rocha You may have noticed that my ratings for the Beyond series have moved up since book 1. I find that I am enjoying these books much more than I originally thought when I read book 1. With that said, Beyond Pain is definitely the best one so far. Don’t get me wrong, Dallas and Lex’s story was good (and holy crap..HOT) but I found myself enjoying Bren and Six’s story a bit more…maybe because these are two pretty broken people who have been doing whatever they can to survive and in the midst of it all, they find something that makes them happy, wanted and needed.Amidst the erotica in these books you get a dystopian story that involves gangs, politics, and family. The O’Kane’s really are a family and they take care of their own. It just so happens that Six has become one of them…despite the fact that she doesn’t always feel like that is the case. In book 2 she wasn’t sure what to make of them mostly because of the life she had prior to coming to Sector 4. The one thing she is sure of is Bren. She has come to trust him and knows he will protect her which leads to the beginning of their relationship.Bren….YIKES. He is one possessive male and I loved it. Honestly, all of the O’Kane guys are something else but there was something about Bren throughout this book that made me love him. He is honest and clearly one of the most dangerous guys but he was always careful around Six and aware of what she needed. He also has a history and that is what is blended into the rest of the book.On top of all the relationship stuff, The O’Kane’s are working to clean up Sector 3. Six has some relationships with people in that sector that allow her to help a bit. We also get more insight into what really was going on in Sector 3 and I won’t spoil anything here but I am glad we got more backstory on these characters. It helped move the story along well. One of the things that Kit Rocha does well is weave all these stories together. There are so many characters here but they all have a purpose and while the majority of this book is about Six and Bren, we still get chapters from Ace and Cruz, about Lex and Dallas, and we still get to see the interaction with the rest of the O’Kane’s. Now, don’t get confused…this is erotica. There is sex…a lot of it so if that isn’t what you like to read, you have been warned. If you do enjoy that, definitely check this series out. I have been pleasantly surprised as it is well written and has a great story. I will freely admit that I am really looking forward to the next book…I mean, it’s Ace and Cruz…come on!