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Plus One - Brighton Walsh Plus One is a fun and sexy story that is a super quick read but gives you enough character development and story to really enjoy it. The whole friends to more in a book has always been one of my favorites and it is easy to get right into it with Olivia and Ian. Olivia is sick of the dating scene and just happens to have a bunch of weddings she has to go to over the next few months but no date. Enter Ian. Ian and Olivia have been friends for a long time as she happens to be best friends with Ian’s sister Emma. When he takes Emma’s place to make the “emergency” call during one of Olivia’s dates, he finds out about the weddings and offers to be her “plus one”. Never mind that he has secretly (or not so secretly to some) been in love with Olivia and the second he offers to do it, he starts to wonder if he is setting himself up for some serious heartbreak. I loved reading the banter and seeing the relationship that Ian and Olivia had. It started with the first phone call and carried all the way through the book. Also, when they finally do get to the sexy times…perfect. Even I may have to claim Ian as one of my favorites…just saying. He’s smart, sexy, and wants more than just a hook up…he wants the whole relationship thing with her. If you are looking for a quick and easy read, this may be the one for you. For me, characters make the story and sometimes with a shorter novel it is tough to do. Not so here, Walsh does a great job of creating a believable story along with some great characters.