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Making it Last (Novella)

Making It Last - Ruthie Knox Making it Last takes us back into the story of Amber and Tony – almost a lifetime after How to Misbehave leaves off. They now have three kids, a dog, and all of the things, baggage included, that come along with years of marriage. I love that Knox made the decision to take us back into their story – we would get glimpses along the way through books two and three of the series but I was happy to hear that this novella focused on them again.Tony and Amber have both drifted and become a bit lost in their marriage. Tony works all the time and worries constantly about how he will continue to support his family and Amber’s life has revolved around their three boys so much that now that she can focus on herself, she doesn’t really know who she is or what she wants. On a family trip to Jamaica for a wedding, things come to a head for her and she finally breaks down. Tony, with the help of Amber’s mother and aunt, decides to tell her to stay for a few days and he goes back to Ohio with the kids. All the while, he is clearly worried about her and what this is about. Amber’s mother is the one to make him realize he needs to go back and spend some time with Amber to figure things out.Ruthie Knox writes some of my favorite characters. They are always complex and real and they deal with real life. In this case, a marriage and two people who clearly love each other a lot but have drifted into this time of life where they haven’t necessarily given each other the time or focus that is needed. Ruthie Knox is on my auto-buy list and I have a feeling that once you read any one of her stories, you will agree. Definitely check out this novel and if you haven’t started reading the Camelot series, get moving. This novella is #4 in the series so you have plenty to read until this one officially comes out mid-July. If you enjoy real characters, lovely stories, and some steamy romance – you will definitely like this series.