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Beyond Control (Beyond, Book Two)

Beyond Control - Kit Rocha This book focuses more on the relationship between Lex and Dallas. It was interesting to learn more about the dynamics between the gangs as well as within the O’Kane gang. Both Lex and Dallas are headstrong characters and the relationship, although rocky, definitely includes a level of trust. In Beyond Control, Sector 3 doesn’t have a leader and the gangs come together to discuss how to handle the sector inhabitants as well as get some money and power. Every leader has an ulterior motive and Dallas is no different. He wants the power that comes with controlling other sectors but the question he has to ask himself is what is he willing to risk for it.After reading this book in the series I find I do like the characters more now. They are all rough around the edges, pretty much do what they feel is right and don’t apologize for the things they believe in….no matter who they offend. Ace, Bren, Noelle, Jas, and Mad are back and believe me when I say; I don’t think that Rocha held anything back. This is erotica – don’t be mistaken. The thing that I enjoy about this series is that the erotica is mixed into this dystopian story that has somewhat complex characters. In the end, the sex (and there is definitely a lot of it) is layered into the story of this world where gangs rule the sectors and different rules apply based on what gang you are accountable to. Another positive is we get a bit more of a back story on Lex and Dallas. Not a ton, but enough to keep me interested in who they are as main characters and try to figure out why they are the way they are. I am looking forward to the next book in the series and will definitely continue reading.