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Covet - Tracey Garvis Graves I loved this book – that is really the best way for me to put it. Yes, this is a story about a marriage but it is more than that. It is also about life, love, friendship, and how we deal with disappointments. Tracy Garvis Graves has written a story that is moving and tackles some heavy topics in a real way. While I was reading I had the butterflies…you know what I’m talking about here. How when you read a story and everything seems so real and you are invested in what happens with each and every one…those butterflies. The highs and the lows had such an impact that I felt all them all right alongside the characters and I honestly couldn't put this one down.We follow the three main characters Claire and Chris who are married and Daniel who is Claire’s friend. The big question here is whether men and women can be friends without the idea that the friendship would turn into more and I honestly don’t think there is a yes/no answer here. In this case, there was more to it than that but in the end, this is one of the major things that Claire is struggling with. Garvis Graves moves the story mostly through Claire’s point of view and does a wonderful job of integrating flashbacks into the present time to show us how things have gotten to where they are today. There was just enough to show us how much Claire and Chris really do love each other but also how those little (and not so little) things started to change their relationship. I loved reading Claire’s point of view and found her to be a likable character. She truly does love Chris and went into her friendship with Daniel with good intentions. It was clear she was lonely and she really just wanted someone to spend time with her. Daniel did that – he paid attention and made her feel important and not just like an afterthought. She really tried to help Chris through the challenge of losing his job and unfortunately there wasn't really anything she could do to make it better no matter what. The loss of Chris’ job was hard on her too and although he didn't see it, Claire struggled. It was hard for her to see him so angry and at times, defeated. One of the best lines that illustrated this (in my opinion) was:In all the years we’d been together, I’d never experienced anything quite as heartbreaking as seeing the lights of my golden boy fade. There were times where I was super frustrated with Chris because I really liked him too. He is hard working, loyal, and loves his family. It is clear he is willing to do whatever he has to in order to keep them afloat but it really hit him hard when he lost his job and wasn't able to find a new one as quickly as he expected. And when he does find something, he has to deal with someone he doesn't really respect but puts up with the issues because he doesn't want to fail. Another part of the problem is that he doesn't talk to Claire anymore – at least about anything of any consequence, and the disconnect just creates a larger and larger gap between the two. I really don’t believe there is a “bad guy” in this story. Daniel has his own losses and issues he is trying to get past and when he meets Claire he gravitates to her because she reminds him of someone. From there, the friendship develops into more and I had mixed feelings. The evolution of moving from acquaintance, to friend, to more was well done and I loved watching it happen. With that said, I knew this wasn't going to end well and I also felt his pain when the day he knew was coming, came. As usual, I am sure that my review doesn't even come close to doing this book justice. Because of that I recommend you just go out read this when you can. If you are looking for a real story that brings out all the feels, this is it.