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My Ex From Hell (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy Book One)

My Ex From Hell - Tellulah Darling 4.5 stars - I found myself enjoying the same things in this book that I did in Darling's other book - the characters and the dialogue.This book had me from the very beginning. It starts with an email setting up some of the back story and only gets better. The dialogue and the characters are engaging and fun and the story itself is a fresh take on the Gods.First let me say, I loved Sophie's voice and her friendships. There were so many lines I read that actually made me laugh out loud...no lie. The parts of the story where she was learning more about who she is and what she is capable of are great, but some of my favorites were actually when Sophie was just being herself and interacting with Hannah, Theo and Kai. The story puts a spin on the story of Persephone and the Underworld. Now stay with me here - we find that Sophie is the part human incarnation of Persephone - a Greek Goddess. As Persephone, she was kidnapped and brought to the Underworld by Kai (under order of Hades)...who she happens to fall in love with. There is definitely a lot going on here but unfortunately for Persephone, someone tried to kill her and Prometheus (Theo) makes a decision that ultimately brings them all to this point 16 years later. For the last 16 years, Sophie had no idea of what is in her past. She just happens to cross paths with Kai and a kiss with him is what unlocks a piece of her memory.I will in no way do the rest of this story justice so just believe me when I say you should go read this. I'm not usually one who highlights and grabs quotes/lines from books but I honestly did while reading this one as the tone of the story and the interactions between the characters were great. If you can't already tell, I really enjoyed this book and truly look forward to the next installment. Based on the summary, it sounds like it will be another great ride.