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Bang (Visions)

Bang - Lisa McMann 3.5 stars.Be warned - I will do my best not to put any spoilers in here but continue reading this review with caution. If you haven't read Crash yet, definitely stop, go read it and then proceed with caution if you decide to come back.With that said, Bang is book 2 of the Visions series and it picks up right where Crash left off. If you recall, McMann ended book 1 with Sawyer's and Jules' first kiss but also included the little surprise of who was going to be having the next vision. Somehow the visions have transferred from Jules to Sawyer. While I liked this book, I think the thing that made it tough was the fact that Sawyer was the one having the visions but the story was from Jules' point of view. In order to get to the detail of the vision Sawyer was having, there was a lot of back and forth questioning from Jules and Trey. What was super engaging about the first book (in my opinion) was seeing how Jules worked her way through the visions she kept seeing and trying to figure out the clues. Since the book was from Jules' point of view - this was included but it was almost like looking at it from the outside in.The parental issues are woven through book 2 and will most likely continue through the series. In seeing where McMann is going with some of the things Jules observes about her father, I am very interested to read book 3. I am hoping it will explain some of the questions Jules (and I) have. One of the things I like best in this series is the relationship the Demarco siblings have. I loved seeing Jules, Rowan, and Trey rally around Sawyer and show him how family supports each other. Since Sawyer is an only child and has a fairly strained relationship with his father and grandfather, I think it helps him to make a decision toward the end of the book that will impact him going into the next book. I also liked seeing the progression of the relationship between Jules and Sawyer. One of the great things is that the main story about the visions stays front and center and the developing relationship is secondary to that. I never got the sense that McMann was trying to twist it and make the relationship the main focus which I appreciate.Bang was a pretty quick read and definitely fast paced. There is the mystery of trying to figure out the details of the vision and how to stop it without taking away from the characters and the rest of what is going on in their lives. If you haven't yet begun the Visions series, I recommend you definitely go out and get Crash and continue with Bang as soon as you can.