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Undone: An Unraveling Novella

Undone - Elizabeth Norris Ben's story is perfect. :)The way Norris broke the sections out was great ("Before She Knew Me", "When I Saved Her", and "After I Left Her") and having read book 2 before diving into this novella, it made sense as well as clarified some things for me. There isn't really that much for me to say here other than I loved it. The fact that Ben basically calls himself out for being a stalker (but not the creepy kind) will tell you that he has a great sense of humor and completely judges himself. I love that about him. I was also able to get a better sense of just how much he holds himself accountable for the fact that he, Reid and Eli have been stuck here for 7 years and although she doesn't know it, Janelle is the one who has pretty much been the only person (other than Eli and Reid) that he cares about.I'm normally not a huge fan of novellas just because but I did like this one since the other books didn't really give the reader anything concrete around Ben's life and relationships pre and post Unraveling and Unbreakable.Well done and I definitely recommend this to anyone who has read the books in the Unraveling series.