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On the Island (On the Island, #1)

On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves I really like this book and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I read it on a trip (yes..flying somewhere) and couldn't put it down. Thankfully I was able to get it done before the flight attendants told me I had to shut down my electronics...that is the worst!Anyway, I did enjoy the story and although this is definitely not a light topic, Garvis-Graves did it in a way that the reader was right there with these two main characters and experiencing the highs and lows of the situation with them. It was great to see TJ evolve and grow...and then see Anna adjust to that. I won't go into the detail as I think the book needs to be read to be appreciated but the relationship was an evolution of their situation and it completely fit.Overall, great, engaging read. Likable characters and a story that keeps the reader interested.