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Winter Omens

Winter Omens - Trisha Leigh This was a great second book to the series and I am looking forward to the next book.This story picks up where book one left off - Althea and Lucas have traveled and are now separated. Althea is in Winter now and makes the decision to pack up some things to head out to the wilds. She ends up meeting two new, and very important characters - Wolf and Pax. Wolf turns up at the shelter she ends up staying in and they come to sort of an agreement - he catches food and she cooks it. They eventually become pretty close. Pax turns up out of nowhere and it turns out he is another dissident. He just happens to be "Autumn" and initially Althea isn't sure what to think about him. She knows he has some secrets but she can't necessarily hold it against him as she has some secrets as well. I won't go into all of the detail of what happens but there continues to be a lot of action - it doesn't appear that Althea ever gets a break in this story. She and Pax continue to run from the Others and are on a mission to find Lucas (eventually) but also hike from Iowa to Portland as that is where Pax wants to go. On top of all of the action, Althea continues to explore her powers and abilities as a part human/part other and finds some things out about what she, Lucas, and Pax are capable of. It was also interesting to see them interact more with the Others (mainly Chief and Prime Other).I wasn't super excited about the fact that a love triangle ensues almost immediately - despite the fact that Lucas isn't in the majority of the book, Althea clearly has feelings for both Pax and Lucas. I was happy to see Lucas come back at the end and I'm not sure I'm ready to forgive Pax for what he did at the end - no spoiler here...just know that I was pretty annoyed with him and was thinking that there is no way she should have a hard time deciding which boy to like better....just saying.Looking forward to reading the next book and will be diving into that as soon as I wrap up this review. Recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a lot of action, aliens and a great story.