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My Favorite Mistake

My Favorite Mistake - Chelsea M. Cameron This one just wasn't for me. Everything was too convenient, the main character (Taylor) was annoying and pretty much a B the entire book, and I just couldn't get into this. I get it, she had a terrible thing happen to her but seriously - the only thing I felt toward her was annoyance. No matter how great Hunter was, it couldn't be saved in my mind.On top of the fact that the characters did nothing for me, the story had a number of things that didn't add up for me. 1. Taylor knew it was a co-ed dorm...if she truly had issues with the opposite sex, why on earth would she have chosen to live there?2. Did they know each other longer than 2 months before the "I love you's" were thrown out? It was definitely a fairly quick turnaround (in my opinion) for one person who has never been in a relationship and typically shied away from anything related to the opposite sex. Also - Hunter apparently was somewhat of a player before meeting Taylor and then all of a sudden he is changed???3. Um...he bought a house and opened up a shared checking account?? I don't think the first semester of school was over yet...that is less than 4 months (I am ball parking this timeframe) and he is already setting her up with a house and spending money...OK.4. I HATED the whole Missy thing...5. Don't get me wrong - I would love a guy who plays guitar, sings like a god, is smart, great looking and always says the right thing. Oh - he also is great in bed (and the shower) and can cook just about anything....again, not sure I can believe in this character - just seemed to be too perfect (Sorry if that makes people angry with me).Maybe it is the cynic in me - maybe it is because these characters are 19 and 20...whatever it is, I'm not buying it...any of it.