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Toxic (Denazen Novel)

Toxic - Jus Accardo 3.5 starsI have to admit, I was a bit lost at first as it had been so long since I read Touch. Regardless, I was able to hit up some reviews and get a quick reminder of what I loved about this series.A lot happens in this book and Accardo dives right back into the action. In Toxic, Dez and Kale are living at the hotel with Ginger, Dez’s mom, and a bunch of other sixes. Although she knew from the events at Sumrun that she was going to have to give something up, she never really thought it would be her ability to touch Kale. Yep, you heard me right…Dez is no longer able to just touch Kale without consequence. Add to that the arrival of Jade – who just happens to be invincible and can touch Kale – and there is some definite angst.With Jade attempting to get between Dez and Kale we can’t forget about Alex. He is definitely trying to take advantage of the fact that Kale is spending a lot of time with Jade but I loved how at the end of the book he explained his actions at Sumrun and yes, he hates Kale but he still has feelings for Dez.Denazen is still trying to get Dez and Kale back and Cross has realized that the only leverage he has between the two are Dez and Kale themselves. He makes his move early on in this book and has a pair of sixes named Able and Aubrey track down Dez. Able has the ability to infect people with a poison while Aubrey has the ability to cure it. They get a hold of Dez and Able does in fact infect Dez but she doesn’t really find out about it until she runs into her dad while running an errand. He fills her in on the details and offers up a trade, the cure for the poison if she turns herself over to Denazen. Also, he offers up the cure for the Supremacy issue for Kale’s return.Of course Dez turns him down but now has a lot to think about. She absolutely wants to protect Kale and knows that if he finds out what is going on with her, he will do whatever he has to in order to get her the cure and that is what she is afraid of. Because of this, Dez doesn’t tell anyone about the poison – with the exception of Daun who she goes to in order to see if she can help...which she can’t. While all of this is going down, add in the fact that Dez’s ability is getting stronger which isn’t necessarily a good sign.As for the characters, Dez is still the same which is great. She is tough, sarcastic, and funny and I was happy to see her stay consistent to book one. As for Kale, I still like him and reading that one chapter from his perspective made me less angry at him only in that I got to see what his purpose was and it allowed me to get into his brain for once but it was still uncool. Jade – I have no words as to how annoying I found her. I am still at a loss as to what her deal is and what her “endgame” is but as I crack open Tremble I am hoping that we will find out more. And for the record, I did not like her. She was manipulative and I didn't see any redeeming qualities.Ginger – Ugh, I don’t get her and her ideas about not messing with the way things are. It blows my mind that she can see how things will turn out and refuses to impact any change. And to make herself feel better about it, she implies that it is fate and things would change if they were supposed to. I honestly don’t know how Dez can be in the same room with that woman after how the book ended.If you are looking for a fast paced, action packed book then this is the one for you. Although I don’t know that I enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed Touch, I still liked it. I am definitely going to read the next book and have high hopes that all will be right in Dez and Kale’s worlds by the end of that book.