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Beyond Shame

Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha This was an interesting story. On a 5 star scale I would rate it a 3 - 3.5. With all the updates and the things I was hearing I thought, what the heck...check it out. Believe it or not, I did find a plot underneath....everything else...and believe me when I say there is definitely a lot of everything else. There's definitely a lot going on here but I felt like I wanted more background. I wanted to know what happened and how the different sectors (or at least Sector 4) came to be. There was a lot of potential here to mix erotica with dystopian and it peaked my interest but in the end I don't know that this book won me over.The characters weren't my favorite. Noelle definitely showed some growth throughout but I didn't really become invested in her and what was going on with her. I was happy when she didn't just cave when Jasper came back. As for Jasper, I liked him but again, nothing really happened in the book to make me love him.I can see the potential in this story and if there happens to be another book I would like to see the author delve deeper into the backstories. Not just of the characters but also how things ended up they way they were and how things evolved.