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Tomorrow Land - Mari Mancusi I didn't love this one - it had an interesting premise but didn't really follow through for me for a few reasons.First, the characters. No one really grabbed me - Chris/Chase was all over the place. Strong one minute, caving under a painkiller addiction the next. It just didn't come together for me. Peyton was a bit annoying. Again, I wasn't fully invested in her.Second, the flow of the story. I wish the chapters hadn't flipped back and forth. Although I wanted to know the background information from 4 years prior, it could have been done where I wasn't pulled back into that part of the story every other chapter. I found myself skimming those sections to find the important stuff and trying to get back to what was going on today.Again, I thought the combination of the dystopian and zombies would be a winner but I didn't love it. I also thought the mix of technology and upgrades done on the characters would make it more interesting but that didn't really go anywhere. Yes, Peyton could kick some ass but she only really had 2 major fights and they were pretty brief. Overall - just ok for me and with the volume of other dystopian and zombie books out there, not sure it would hold up in comparison.