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101 - Margaret Chatwin This was an interesting book. The action starts immediately and we are taken into the life of Trigg and his younger sister Ren. They have an abusive father and when they decide to stand up for themselves, things end up going wrong. Ren and Trigg are sentenced by the NAO to spend time in township 101. The justice and prison system has taken a harder stance on all types of crime and although there is a clear benefit to the greater public, there are definite issues that result in the townships. There are a number of solid characters in this book. Trigg, Ren, Riker, Pintar, Bobby Joe, and Ace...each one had an important role to play and helped to move the story along. Despite not getting to learn a lot about each of these people outside of 101, we still learn some of their backstories where it is important.Overall I thought this was a good story and the plot kept the story moving along. There was a lot of action and the characters were strong. Both of these things are important. Additionally - this was a quick read.