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Angel Evolution: Book One of the Evolution Trilogy: 1

Angel Evolution - David Estes This one didn't wow me. The story had a lot of potential but it just seemed to fall short for me.My problems with this begin with the main character, Taylor...She annoyed me. I don't know what the end goal was but I just found she rubbed me the wrong way. Nevermind that she was in love after only knowing Gabriel for 2 days.I am still confused as to why Taylor was "The One". There was no explanation of how she was identified by the demons and angels, what made her aura so special and why there was no one else like her.Although at times I felt like the dialogue was iffy, the story had some promise. I was intrigued by the spin the story had on the creation of angels and demons as well as the twist of angels being evil and against the human race instead of the demons. I'm kicking around whether I will read the rest of the series. I am interested in finding out what happens with Gabriel but I'm not sure I am invested enough in the characters to put this series at the top of my list.