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Insanity (Asylum, #1)

Insanity (Asylum, #1) - Lauren Hammond I really liked this story. This story flips between the before and the after of Addie's life. The before and after refer to her time before and after she entered the mental ward she is in. Addie lives with her alcoholic and abusive father and while out for her daily walk, she crosses paths with Damien Allen. The town's golden boy - his parents are rich and have his life planned out. Damien is persistent and eventually Addie caves and starts spending time with him. As you might guess, they fall in love and despite his family not approving of her and her father never finding out about him, they decide to come up with a plan to run away. I won't go into all of the details of what happens in the before but this thing that happens is what ends up putting her in the mental ward. That isn't even the whole story - the after has just as many twists and turns and then BAM - surprises galore throughout the entire last 1/3 of the book. I had an idea of what was going on but only from the surface. There is a whole other layer of the after that, although there were definite hints that there was something off, I had absolutely no idea of what it truly was.I am truly interested in reading the next book of the series as my curiosity is piqued and I feel like I need to know how Addie got from one point to the next...it is all the in between stuff that I am hoping is covered in book 2...fingers are crossed that I get the answers.