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Inescapable: The Premonition Series: 1

Inescapable - Amy A. Bartol Ok - I liked the idea behind the story. As I have come to find is becoming the norm, there is a love triangle in this book but with a bit of a spin. I find myself drawn more to the character of Reed in the book. I have a feeling it is because of how the author makes Russell sound. I understand she was trying to show that he was a true Southern boy with the way he spoke but I found the way the author wrote Russell's words super annoying. The dialogue between the characters seems a bit off as well. The conversations are not written like someone would be having a conversation...contractions work and for some reason I felt like they were trying to be avoided. Somewhat minor thing but impacted the overall story for me while reading as the interaction/conversations between the characters sometimes seemed off.I was going to wait to write the review but to be honest, I am having the same issue with the 2nd book (with an Irish accent now). I do find myself skimming over these parts to find the important pieces and make sure I'm not missing anything. I will finish the series to see what happens as there is an interesting plot line here and I am curious to find out how it will wrap up.