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Gates of Paradise (Blue Bloods, #7)

Gates of Paradise - Melissa  de la Cruz I always find it tough to get back into a series when it has been a while since I finished the previous book. Add to that the fact that I tend to read quite a few other books over the course of the year and it never fails that I usually have to really think about what happened last. We are taken back into the story of Schuyler and the group. The book switches point of views throughout the book. The crux of the story here is that Lucifer is attempting to take over the gates and he is using whatever he can to accomplish this. Jack and Mimi are tied to him and doing whatever Lucifer requests. At the same time, Bliss and Lawson are doing what they can to get back to Schuyler to help protect the gates. Schuyler is doing a little searching - she is digging into her family history and comes across some knowledge about her father.A lot happens in this book and although at times I found the switching point of views annoying, it was great to see all the different perspectives come together at the end of the book. Overall this was a great wrap up to the series. I was happy with how it ended.