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After The Ending

After The Ending - Lindsey Pogue, Lindsey Fairleigh Damn cliffhangers....So I've sat on this review for a few days so that I could really think about what I want to say. As a whole, this book was only ok for me and I don't know that I will continue the series. With that said, there were some good parts and some parts that I thought took away from the story.First, I thought the story itself was interesting. The book focuses on Zoe and Dani who are in the midst of a plague. Friends and family are dying and although they both get sick, they both end up being a part of those that survive. One of the things that occurs to these survivors though is that they come back with an "ability". It varies for each person and can be just about anything. Beyond this I wasn't too impressed. Mainly because I have to be invested in at least one of the characters to enjoy the story. Unfortunately I didn't get this here. The main reason was that although Zoe and Dani were supposed to be 26 years old, they felt much younger. I'm not sure why they weren't written younger - it probably would have come off much differently for me if they had been. The second piece that detracted from the story for me were the emails. These are part of the reason why I didn't get the ages - the tone and conversation between the two friends just felt off. Also, they both felt very flat to me.I will say I am very interested in Gabe's story and power. We definitely didn't get enough and that cliffhanger definitely served it's purpose. If for that reason alone, I would perhaps consider reading the next book of the series.