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The Archived - Victoria Schwab This sneak peek definitely drew me into the story and I can't wait to read the rest of the book.Mackenzie is a keeper and has inherited this job from her Da. On top of the work she does tracking down histories and getting them back to where they need to be, her little brother has recently died. Her mother is struggling with Ben's death (they all are really) and Mac's mom and dad made the decision to move and open up a cafe.Not only do we get a glimpse into the things Mac does as a Keeper but we see how her work/powers impact her daily life. She has to lie to everyone and she can't touch other people without it causing a painful "noise". It has created some tough situations with her parents.Just as things were starting to get good, I hit the end. I will definitely read this story when it comes out. I am curious to understand what was going on with The Archive and also learn more about Wesley.