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Siege and Storm - 5 gazillion stars...I have no words right now other than I need the next book immediately.Ok - after a few days of thought...My love for this series knows no bounds. These are some of my favorite characters and storylines ever.Anything I write here will not do this book justice so just trust me when I say that if you haven't started this series yet, you should. The characters and world that Bardugo creates are amazing and you have to read her stories to understand.Siege and Storm picks up with Mal and Alina traveling undercover to escape The Darkling. Alina is back to hiding her power which means she isn't at 100%. The beginning of the book where it is just Alina and Mal is one of my favorite parts. We get a glimpse into the feelings they have for each other as well as how their relationship was when they were at Keramzin. Mal is swoony - no question about it and I liked him a lot more in book 2 because we get more of him.Unfortunately their escape isn't long-lived. They do meet with The Darkling again and find out he has gained additional power. At the same time, we are introduced to a new character, Sturmhond. He is absolutely one of my favorite characters in this series now. Some of his dialogue actually had me giggling out loud.Throughout the story we know Alina's goals and reasons for doing the things she does but one of the best parts of the story was seeing how her decisions impacted Mal. He struggled throughout the entire book with who he is and what his purpose is. Their relationship changes along the way and it is clear that they are no longer the orphans they once were. As per usual, I have no words for The Darkling. There will be those out there that disagree with me on this but I can't help myself - I just love him. Despite everything he is doing, I think deep down he really does love Alina for more than just her power. I refuse to give anything away in this book - so I feel like I should stop here. Trust me when I say that this series is by far one of the best out there and you should get started reading it immediately - if you haven't already. I myself will be reading this over and over...it's that good.I will close with this note to Leigh Bardugo: