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A Marked Past: The Mercer Legacy

A Marked Past: The Mercer Legacy - Leslie Deaton I really struggled with this book for a number of reasons. The story had a great plot and I was excited to read this but the characters and story issues had me telling myself to push through it and get it done.What I liked was the idea. The idea of a family of witches that have been around for centuries and are trying to protect themselves while also trying to track down the evil guy who attacked their family. It has a spin on the normal witch story which is what hooked me. The characters had a lot of potential as well but they seemed to not really go anywhere with the exception of the end where I saw Lyla's strength while looking at Donovan. Unfortunately I felt like that was super late in the story and she seemed to waver back and forth where there would be glimpses of it woven into the book but then she would flip back to the teenager who just wanted to do whatever she wanted. It was somewhat frustrating. I felt like I didn't get to really get to know Lyla and everything seemed so rushed in the pacing that the other, less central, characters suffered the same fate. There were a few errors in spelling and random word in sentences that made me have to reread to make sure it wasn't just me putting extra words in. There were some timing Issues...this one stands out only because it was at the end of the book...they had left the church four days earlier and Lyla thinks about how they were supposed to go to the beach yesterday (the third day) but really Caleb had asked her to go the day after the party which would have been the day after they left the church. Not a huge deal but definitely stood out. Overall this series has a lot of potential. I enjoyed the storyline and am curious to see how things pick up with Hana, Lyla, and Caleb. I am also left wondering what happened to the pastor and what will happen with Donovan now that Nathan is gone.