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Whisper Cape - Susan Griscom This book was tough for me to finish. About a quarter of the way through I just found myself not liking a number of things but wanted to complete it. I thought the plot line was interesting and when I read the initial blurb I was very interested. Overall I felt there was a lot of potential with this story line but I couldn't get past some of the issues noted below.The characters just didn't grab me. Neither Addie or Cael really grabbed me and had me interested in them and the things they were doing. I found the interactions between the two somewhat uninteresting and the dialogue between the two felt off. All of the secondary characters were even less engaging...I don't know that there was one character that really stood out as a favorite and normally that isn't the case for me.I typically don't mind switching point of views but I was confused as to why there needed to be a POV from Darcy...it didn't fit and I didn't see the purpose.Lastly, after knowing each other for the span of (at most) 2 weeks why do they have to get married? I am a sucker for the HEA but it just seemed so forced.