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Pandemonium (Delirium Series #2)

Pandemonium (Delirium Series #2) - Anyone that knows me knows that I don't handle cliffhangers well...Despite that, I enjoyed the book. I am happy to see that Lena has toughened up and isn't just relying on others to make decisions for her. Initially I thought that she would end up exchanging Alex (as someone leading her) for Raven...It does happen but Lena eventually realizes that she believes in things a bit differently and needs to stand on her own if she can't support what the rest of the group is doing. I am happy that Raven & Tack did end up helping her and they were successful getting Julian. Alex - I knew he would be back (it was a feeling) but the way he comes back is what gets me. I wanted something (even just a little hint) that told me what happened to him and have a feeling there will be a lot of anger coming from him in the next book based on the ending. I would have hoped he and Lena would have gotten a reunion but I am curious to see the reactions and how the next book opens based on his introduction back into her life now that Julian is there.Overall, I liked how the story progressed as we got to learn more about the invalids as well as become introduced to some additional characters. I was warned about the cliffhanger but still....I don't really count patience as a really strong trait of mine so waiting for the next book is going to be painful.