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Something Strange and Deadly

Something Strange and Deadly - Overall rating would be 3.5 - 4 for me.Overall this was a great story. Eleanor is a 16 year old living in Philadelphia in 1876 and the dead are wreaking havoc with the people of the city. The story begins with some action and zombies attacking which continues throughout the book. There is also an underlying story here in that Eleanor is trying to figure out where her brother (Elijah) is and why he hasn't come home. Enter the spirit hunters. I really liked the characters in this book. Eleanor is a girl who feels out of place in the role she is forced to play. She questions everything and isn't one to just sit by and watch things happen. She really loves her brother and is so worried about him, she goes to the Spirit Hunters for help. The Spirit Hunters are Joseph, Jie, and Daniel and all of them enhance the story. Jie lives the exact opposite life of Eleanor - she refuses to wear dresses and all the trappings and she shaves her head - all to keep the freedom she loves (and she is typically mistaken for a boy at first glance). Daniel has a good heart and is in no way perfect. He's smart, quick and very protective of Eleanor. Eleanor's mother is what I imagine a typical mother would be like for that time period. She is very focused on their status in society as well as the type of marriage Eleanor can make due to the fact that their finances are becoming an issue. She pushes Eleanor to spend time with Clarence but Eleanor feels like there is something off about him as the story moves forward.In all this was a great story and I would be interested in a second book as the way this one wrapped up, there is a clear continuation without leaving this one on a cliffhanger (which I completely appreciate). There were some parts that dragged a little but there is quite a bit of action and who doesn't like a story with zombies in it?