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Unbreakable - Elizabeth Norris 4-4.5 stars Unbreakable picks up 4 months after the end of Unraveling and a lot has changed for Janelle. She’s now out of school and working with the FBI. She absolutely misses Ben and hopes every day that he will come back. While looking into some mysterious disappearances of people, Taylor Barclay happens to show up with some interesting news for Janelle. Here is where the action picks up and it doesn't really stop until the book is done. Janelle has made the decision to partner with Taylor to help bust this kidnapping ring and find Ben and Elijah. On top of all of that, they don’t really know who can be trusted in the IA. I’m not going to go into a lot of the detail of the story only because there is no way I can write about everything that happens but so much happens throughout the book that changes who these characters are and their relationships.I was happy to see that the story focused on the kidnapping ring and the corruption within the IA. As a girl who appreciates a good romance, I was also happy to see the relationship stuff between Janelle and Ben threaded through the story but not be the main focus. Janelle is such a tough character and she has lost just about everyone important to her. When she finally does see Ben again, I thought her reaction fit who she is and I really liked the fact that Barclay is the one she ends up leaning on. That is another piece of the story that I enjoyed – the progression of the friendship between Janelle and Barclay. I wouldn't say they were BFF’s but they were definitely on better footing by this point than they were at the end of book 1. I was happy with the way the book ended. Norris is definitely not afraid to make people feel all of the feelings and it certainly made me do that. If you haven’t started this series, go out and get these when you can. They have action, romance, and a different twist on alternate universes.