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Boundless - Cynthia Hand 3.5 starsI don't envy any author that has to wrap up a series and attempt to make every reader happy...it just isn't possible. With that said, Hand did a good job with the conclusion of the Unearthly series.I honestly believe that my problem here is that there was just too much time between me reading book 2 and then jumping into book 3. Thankfully my sister just finished book 2 so I was able to ask her what happened at the end of that book without having to re-read anything. I enjoyed the characters and seeing the relationship evolve for Christian and Clara. I will always be a Christian fan...don't get me wrong, Tucker was great but I have been rooting for Christian all along. I won't say anymore on the relationship front here as there are some definite twists and turns throughout the book that the reader should experience for themselves.Now...I know a lot of people have been rating this fairly high. Based on the reviews I jumped right into this but overall I just liked it. If you enjoyed the first two books, you will for sure want to read this one and most likely won't be disappointed.