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Pivot Point - I really liked this one - 4.5 stars. I will do my best to review without giving out any spoilers. Take my word for it...go read this.Pivot Point was a refreshing take on the paranormal. It follows the main character, Addie, through making a critical decision in her life. See, Addie has just found out her parents are getting a divorce and they have told her it is entirely up to her who she decides to live with. Oh - a very important part of the story....Addie and her parents live in the Compound which is a society made up of people with advanced capabilities. In Addies case, she is Divergent which means when she is faced with a choice, she can Search and determine which path to take based on what she sees.This is where the book gets more interesting. Addie decides to do a search on her life based on the decision to live with her mom or her dad. At first I was worried about how the alternating chapters would flow but really liked how West tied the two stories together with some pieces that were linked to both.I really enjoyed the characters in this book. Addie has the perfect mix of smarts, book nerd qualities and sarcastic wit. When you pair that with Trevor, it gets even better. I loved seeing the friendship develop between Addie and Trevor. It enhanced the story because don't get me wrong...while there is a romantic aspect, there is a definite story here. Duke was interesting....I never really knew what to think but man, was he a charmer. Based on the conclusion of the book, it makes sense and I honestly had no idea that was where that story line was going so kudos to West on getting it all to tie together as she did.Laila was great too - she filled the role of best friend perfectly and I loved the dialogue between her and Addie. I am absolutely looking forward to the next book in this series and would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a great story, a bit of mystery and some swoony boys.