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Taken - This was one of those books that I couldn't put down. Well, I won't give any of this away...just read it.First, male point of view and dystopian. I was intrigued. Second, there is a bit of a mystery...what is the heist and where are all of these 18 year old boys going?For me, the characters are what make a book and I have mixed feelings on these. The characters in this book are interesting - one of the first things the main character, Gray. does in the book is punch a girl. In my opinion, it was an odd introduction to someone we were supposed to like...don't get me wrong - she deserved it but still... Emma, I don't even know if I liked her at the end of the book and that is all I have to say about that. I am curious to see what happens in book 2 considering. Other than being an integral part of Gray's life, Blaine seemed like a non-important character...yes, he was the catalyst to Gray finding out more about himself, but that was all driven by Gray. I will be watching for book 2 of this series and look forward to learning more about the societies as the group searches for allies.