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Starved For Love

Starved for Love - Annie Nicholas Fluffy, fluffy fluff. There is some angst in this one - Pia is a succubus who fell in love with a human...after not being able to survive and being rescued by Zur-Sin, she has finally gotten back into her life. Overall this was an interesting story. How the incubus and succubus interact as well as their family lives - it was interesting to see the difference between how Pia was raised and a normal family. The fact that there is a sister-wife thing going on was odd but it was explained so it made sense. I enjoyed the interaction of Val and Pia as well as Sin and Pia. Sin rescued her but gave off the impression that he didn't really care about her. The end of the book proved that wrong - he really did what was best for him but did care.I enjoyed the story - I would have liked to understand John's motive to do what he did as well as find out what Sin ended up doing with Amel.