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The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys - This is the start of another great series by Stiefvater. Both the characters and the story made this one an engaging read and a page turner for me. My review will not do this book justice so go read this one. Starting with Blue, the story opens with a bit of background on her and her family. She has grown up surrounded by psychics but she has never had this special ability. Instead, she is an amplifier and helps out where she can. Because of this, she is at the church on St. Mark's Eve helping to identify the dead for the next year. As an added kink, Blue has been told by her mother and family that if she kisses her true love, he will die. This has encouraged her to stay away from boys and especially the Aglionby boys.At the time that Blue is identifying the dead, we are introduced to Gansey. He is an Aglionby boy which in most cases means, rich and privileged. Gansey was an interesting character and I actually really liked him. He seemed a bit mad scientist like when it came to finding what he is looking for. Gansey has an interesting relationship with the people around him. He is surrounded by boys he goes to school with and regards almost as family (Adam, Ronan, Declan, and Noah). I loved the interactions between them all as well as 1:1. Some of my favorite moments happened between Adam and Gansey once Adam makes the decision to move into Monmouth Manufacturing.All of the characters were great. They are not perfect and they each have their own issues/struggles they are dealing with. Gansey is the glue that seems to hold them together and as Adam put it, he likes to have all of his things in one place...including his friends. When Blue joins the ranks, it is almost like she was always a part of the group and fits right in. I will say there was an unexpected surprise for me around the character Noah. I won't spoil it but I was not expecting his story to be what it is. As the book progresses, it fits and really links a secondary character in with the main group. Overall, a great story with some paranormal and an underlying mystery. There is definitely an introduction to the potential relationship between Blue and one of the boys and through some of the visions it is interesting who that person is....