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The Boleyn Deceit: A Novel

The Boleyn Deceit - Laura Andersen The Boleyn Deceit opens up shortly after The Boleyn King ends and continues with the story of what could have happened if Anne Boleyn had a son that became King.Will (Henry IX) has come into his power and is trying to navigate the political pieces of his rule. The three people he trusts the most are those he relies on to be the most honest with him. This includes his sister Elizabeth, his friend Dominic, and his other childhood friend (and now focus of his romantic energies) Minuette. The Protestants and the Catholics are still creating issues for Will and because of the continued animosity; Will is faced with making a marriage alliance to help create a balance. He knows that either he or Elizabeth will have to marry a Catholic and that is the story that continues throughout the entire book. After negotiating a treaty that includes being betrothed to a French, Catholic Princess, Will determines that he will do whatever he can to get out of the agreement and marry Minuette…without really taking into account what anyone else may want.Elizabeth is also trying to figure out her role in the kingdom after having her meeting with Dr. Dee and finding out there is more power in store for her. She still has feelings for Robert Dudley but comes face to face with some truths about what can and will be in her future. At the same time, she is trying to balance what she wants with what she is required to do for England. She truly struggles with the idea that Will doesn’t have to marry for political reasons (despite the treaty he has arranged) and she has to. At the end of book one, Dominic and Minuette finally realized how much they loved each other. Their relationship definitely progresses in this book and I was happy to see it. This isn’t to say they don’t hit some speed bumps because they definitely do but due to a number of things that happen, they finally realize that they want to be together and take steps to make it happen. Both Dom and Minuette struggle with how to tell Will about their feelings. Not only because he is King but also because of their friendships with him. They know he has very few people he fully trusts and both are fearful that when they tell Will about their feelings, he will take it very hard. When Will does something that really makes Dom realize something about their relationship, he takes the steps to separate himself from Will but also then become closer to Minuette. It was hard to see Dom come to the realization about his and Will’s friendship but I was glad to see him take that realization and have it push him to go to Minuette.I am very curious to see how things progress for all of these characters and cannot wait to get my hands on book three. If you enjoy history and reading about Royals along with a really good story, you will definitely find this series to be hard to put down. Check this out when you can – you won’t regret it!Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC.