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Article 5

Article 5 - 4.5 stars I enjoyed this book and the idea behind it. It was a quick read - as Chase and Ember were running/hiding the majority of the book. A lot of action but there is also a story here. You learn about the life Chase has had since he left for Chicago (before the war), how things progressed when he came back (to live next door), how finally, how he ended up where he was when everything went down (that's all I will say about that). Although she is a strong character, I found Ember to be selfish. She finally gets it at the end but throughout the book she just didn't seem to take into account the sacrifices some of those around her were making. I found it frustrating but was glad she redeemed herself at the end. I am looking forward to the next book to find out what happens next as well as learn more about the other characters. I am curious to learn about Sean and Becca as well as see where Chase and Ember's characters go next.